Amitabh Bachchan believes viral sandal selfie picture is morphed; the internet doesn’t agree

Instagram post by Boman Irani

After a picture of five children — purportedly belonging to poor families —pretending to click a selfie with a sandal went viral, Bollywood biggies were quick to share it on their social media platforms.

Boman Irani, Suniel Shetty, Atul Kasbekar and the likes shared it on their respective social media handles, touting it to be a picture that shows how happiness is indeed a state of being.

While the rest of the internet was gushing over the simplicity and innocence exhibited by the kids in the picture, Big B raised doubts about the photograph’s originality, stating it could be morphed. He pointed out that the palm of the child holding the slipper looked larger than the other one.
“.. with due respect and apology .. i feel this is photoshopped .. notice that the hand that holds the chappal is different than the rest of his body in size .. to his other hand by his side !!” he wrote on Twitter in response to the pic shared by Kasbekar.

While some agreed with the Bolly star, most of Twitterati, chose to disagree. For instance, Bhupen Sinha, a Twitter user, explained how a very close angle can make one part of the body look larger than the rest.

“This is not Photoshop edit … Very possible with close angle photo the hands looking bigger. The other chappal is there too,” he tweeted.
Arpita DG, another Twitter user said: “Not photoshopped. One kid is wearing the other chappal. And he is the only one who wears one.”