Bengaluru: Swiggy is progressively raising its commissions from restaurants in regions where its service is nearing maturity, while aggressively pushing partners to advertise on its platform, as the company shifts focus to monetising its core food ordering business, restaurateurs and others with knowledge of the matter said. The Bengaluru-based company has also increased deliveryRead More →

After 11 years of working in IT, with marquee names such as Oracle, Microsoft, and Sierra Atlantic, Swaminathan Gopal quit the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. He started by launching three fine-dining restaurants, which he sold in 2014. That very year, as the Indian startup ecosystem raised billions of dollars, the tech side of Swaminathan’s careerRead More →

With onion prices shooting up and the next crop to come to the market only in January-February, the usage of the edible bulb is getting frugal at restaurants. Homemakers to hoteliers to the kanda bhaji seller on the street—all have been forced to become not so generous with their servings of onions.Read More →

As fast food moves beyond restaurants, customers may soon find themselves ordering McDonald’s from a restaurant on wheels – even if they don’t realize it. On Thursday, fast-casual chain &pizza and food-tech startup Zume, best known for its pizza-making robots, announced a partnership to launch mobile kitchens. “For the last 2,000 years,Read More →